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Crossfit Men Bar (Black Zinc Shaft & Chrome Sleeves)

The Anatomy CrossFit Men’s Bar with a Black Zinc Shaft and Chrome Sleeves is a premium-grade barbell designed to meet the rigorous demands of CrossFit training and powerlifting. This barbell is meticulously engineered to provide superior performance and durability. The Black Zinc shaft offers an excellent grip, preventing slippage during intense workouts. The Chrome sleeves not only add a sleek aesthetic but also ensure smooth and consistent spin, allowing for quick and efficient weightlifting movements.

The barbell’s dimensions and weight specifications adhere to CrossFit and powerlifting standards, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of exercises, from Olympic lifts to squats and deadlifts. It can handle heavy loads while maintaining structural integrity. The Anatomy CrossFit Men’s Bar is a reliable choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a barbell that can withstand the most demanding workouts. Its combination of a durable Black Zinc shaft and Chrome sleeves ensures longevity and performance, making it an essential tool for any serious strength and conditioning program.


  • 42 Chrome alloy steel
  • 2.2m
  • handle diameter 28mm
  • 20kg
  • black zinc shaft with knurling
  • hard chromed sleeves
  • 1500lb with 8 needle bearings+Bushing