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An all-in-one gym setup, functional trainers are fantastic and overall fitness. It is known to be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment.

Functional Trainers consist of weight stacks, pull-up bars and pulley systems that offer a full-body workout. It can help improve muscular balance and joint stability in athletes. For those who are following debilitating injuries or life-threatening conditions like stroke, this can help overall increased function.

The accessories of functional trainers like cables allow users to move major muscle groups while the pulleys allow continuous action on muscles.

FORCE USA X20 Pro Multi Trainer

Introducing the world’s most versatile gym - the Force USA® X20 Pro Multi Trainer combines a full commercial Power Rack with an enormous 260kg (573lbs) weight stack. This trainer includes a...

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Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer

This is one of the most impressive multi-functional trainers from the team at Force USA. The X15 Pro Multi Trainer machine includes two 130kg weight stacks and gives you the ability...

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