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Explore our premium Home Gym Packages tailored for fitness enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia. Elevate your fitness routine with high-quality equipment that caters to all levels and goals. With space-saving solutions, expert recommendations, and hassle-free delivery, achieving your fitness aspirations has never been easier. Invest in your health today and create the ultimate home gym experience. Join us on the path to a healthier you. Shop now!


Home Gym Package F100

23,277.15 SAR30,128.85 SAR

Home Gym Package F50

16,860.15 SAR23,711.85 SAR

Home Gym Package G6

30,004.65 SAR37,994.85 SAR

Home Gym Package G9

22,242.15 SAR30,232.35 SAR

Home Gym Package G12

33,006.15 SAR40,996.35 SAR

Home Gym Package G20

49,048.65 SAR58,467.15 SAR

PowerRack Package

10,644.98 SAR19,307.95 SAR

Barbell Package

2,577.15 SAR5,371.65 SAR