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Thinking of setting up a home gym? We covered everything for you. We have made it easy for you to put together your own home gym package with great package options. Just select the home gym that suits your budget and needs.

Home Gym Package F100

21,994.00 SAR28,157.00 SAR

Home Gym Package F50

15,784.00 SAR21,947.00 SAR

Home Gym Package G6

27,221.00 SAR34,471.00 SAR

Home Gym Package G9

19,976.00 SAR27,226.00 SAR

Home Gym Package G12

30,326.00 SAR37,576.00 SAR

PowerRack Package

9,600.00 SAR18,113.00 SAR

Barbell Package

2,381.00 SAR5,020.00 SAR