Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill

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  We are thrilled to present the newest member of our treadmill family, the upgraded F65 model, from SOLE. The F65, which builds on the popularity of the F63, is more...

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We are thrilled to present the newest member of our treadmill family, the upgraded F65 model, from SOLE. The F65, which builds on the popularity of the F63, is more affordable while still offering improved features that provide outstanding performance. With the F65's built-in tablet holder, you can watch shows on your smart device or follow workout routines to stay focused during your workout. In addition, the treadmill has Bluetooth speakers for wireless music streaming and a USB port for charging. We support every one of our products with the pledge that, in any circumstance, we will make every effort to guide you toward reaching your fitness objectives using the sole+ app, assist you in interacting with amazing new technologies, and provide you with peace of mind through our extensive warranty program.

The Sole F65 treadmill is guaranteed to increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of your workouts with its incredible feature set. This foldable motorized treadmill's 3.0 horsepower motor allows it to run at a belt speed of 20 kph (12 mph). When compared to running on the road, the suspension system of the 22" by 60" running deck has been demonstrated to reduce landing impact by up to 40%. Additionally, the deck's 0–15% inclination range allows you to target different muscle groups during training. This fantastic treadmill also has a 9" bright blue backlit LCD display with 10 programs and quick-touch keys for easy and rapid incline and speed adjustments.

Convenient and User-Friendly Console

The F65 treadmill has convenient features like armrest-mounted speed, incline controls and cooling fans. The following metrics are displayed on the user-friendly console: speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace. It also has a 1/4-mile track function and a peak and valley graph for various programs. The built-in speakers allow you to connect your media player and enjoy music while working out.

SOLE+ Workouts

We offer 10- to 60-minute workouts that are suitable for all skill levels.  To make working out smarter, we incorporate heart rate metrics and data from your equipment into all of our workouts.

15 Levels Of Power Incline

With 15 levels of computer controlled motorized inclination, you can burn more calories and target specific muscle groups to help you reach your fitness goals more quickly. Reach new heights in your training and gain more muscle mass, tone, and endurance while maintaining complete control.

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck Technology

Our special Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology, which offers a quiet and comfortable workout while reducing impact by up to 40%, will protect your joints and lessen strains. Experience the advantages that a Sole treadmill can offer and extend your running distance while intensifying your workouts without putting undue strain on your body or your neighbors.

Area for Running All Sorts of Steps

This roomy 56cm (22") wide by 152cm (60") long running area ensures a safe and comfortable workout every time, enabling you to advance your training. Regardless of your stature or stride length, run with confidence. Pay close attention to what you're doing, challenge yourself, and reap the rewards without looking back.


Model Number SOLE-F65-2023
Usage Home Use
Motor Power 3.0 HP
Motor Type DC
Speed Range 0.8-19 kph
Maximum User Weight 147 Kg
Running Area / Belt Size (LxW) 60 x 22 Inch
Incline Level 15 Levels
Workouts / Programs 7 pre-programmed, 2 user defined
Item Dimensions (LWH) 210 x 96.5 x 170 cm
Package Dimensions (LWH) 218 x 99 x 38 cm
Item Weight 121 Kg
Warranty 12 Months
Brand Origin United States


Heart Rate Monitoring Hand pulse sensors + Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
Console Display  9-inch Backlit LCD Display
Console Readouts Incline, time, calories, distance, speed, pulse, pace, programme, a track representing 400m (1/4 mile); scan mode
Cushion Deck / Shock Absorption System Cushion flex whisper deck technology
Fan Cooling Fan
Package Weight 133 Kg
Folded Dimensions (LWH) 108 x 96.5 x 183 cm
Belt Type Non-stretch, 2-ply tread belt
Connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, Internet etc) Bluetooth speakers, Sole+ data transfer, No WiFi
Integrated Features (Bottle Holder, Tray, USB, Speakers etc) Phone/tablet holder, Reading rack
Languages Available English
Sensor Yes
Transportation Wheels Yes
Roller Size 6 cm
Step Up Height 20 cm
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