Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer With Upgrade Kit

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The Force USA® G1™ All-In-One Trainer combines a multi-functional trainer, power rack and a cable pulley system into an all-in-one compact strength-training machine. Unlock your workout’s full potential with this plate-loaded...

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The Force USA® G1™ All-In-One Trainer combines a multi-functional trainer, power rack and a cable pulley system into an all-in-one compact strength-training machine. Unlock your workout’s full potential with this plate-loaded multi-functional trainer that will add resistance to essential exercises, such as front squats, chest presses, shoulder presses, and many more.



The comprehensive workout offered by the Force USA® G1™ All-In-One trainer will add new depth to your home gym experience. Loaded with adjustment points, this multi-purpose training solution allows any user to be able to perform a wide range of shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises comfortably.

Compatible with

Force USA Adjustable Seat attachment with Leg Holder


The Force USA® G1™ comes equipped with an ergonomically designed multi-grip chin-up/pull-up station weighted at 250kg. Potential grip positions include wide-grip, close grip, underhand, overhand and a stack of other varied movements.


The steel Power Rack component of the G1™ includes commercial-grade J-Hooks and Safeties, which can be adjusted using westside hole spacing to any height position you need. The nylon coated J-Hooks are designed to protect your barbell, minimise the risk of rusting, while also reducing noise when dropping the bar - making it perfect for training in your home or garage gym!


The Force USA® G1™ All-In-One Trainer is crafted with sealed bearing pulleys along with 6.2mm nylon-coated high tensile aircraft cables rated at over 900kg to give you unsurpassable natural and fluid movement patterns. Easily adjust the pulley system vertically on the structure with just one hand.


Suspend your weight plates safely off the floor for easy access with the 8x in-built weight plate storage holders, as well as 2X standard/Olympic sized barbell holders, so you can keep your home training space clean and tidy. Suitable for standard or Olympic size weight plates.


The Force USA® G1™ All-In-One Trainer is built for long-lasting use and designed to be a staple of every home gym. You can rest assured that the tough, high-quality steel construction will stay stable even through the most intensive exercises. The heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing is coated in eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder, followed by an extremely durable clear coating with anti-rust protection.


Our new AR feature lets you size up your G1™ in seconds. Available for both IOS and Android* - you can now view, place, move, capture and share in your space! Shop with confidence knowing all AR products are true to size, so you will know exactly what your new All-In-One will look like - all before being delivered to your door!


  • Cambered Bar
  • Single Handle (Nylon) (Pair)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Short Bar
  • Straight Bar (long)
  • 8x Plate Holders
  • 10x Spring Collars (50mm)
  • Barbell Holder
  • Multi-grip Chin Bar
  • J-Hook (Short) (Pair)
  • J-Hook /Safety (long)(pair)
  • Band Pegs
  • Attachment Storage
  • 15-link Chain


    • Dimensions: 223cm(H) x 155cm(W) x 142cm(D)
    • 2:1 Cable Ratio
    • Weight Rating: 250KG
    • Chin Up Rating: 250KG


    SKU: F-G1
    Brand: Force USA

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